The Timeless Gift

From Toy to Family Heirloom

Of all of the toys that you will have played with throughout the years, there will always be one that you remember above all others. That toy is usually a doll of some description. This is because that simple kids doll would have been through thick and thin with you through the years. It would have heard all of your secrets, all of the thoughts you never wanted to share with anyone. It would have been there for you when you were upset and needed a hug when you woke up at night from a bad dream.

It is these sorts of memories that you can’t get from a dolls house, a train set or a games consol. This is why after deciding to go into business together despite the recession; the Fromuth family has now developed the Double Love Doll brand.

With a large design range available the Double Love Dolls have a simple kid’s doll design that has proven to be very effective. The material the dolls are made from is also of the highest quality. This company has very strong core values:

All materials used must adhere to industry standards
Quality must not be compromised
The price must be affordable
To deliver on all of the above promises

This day and night doll company wants your child to be able to grow up; with all of the memories and affection you had for your favorite doll. The aim of this doll is to only have to ever be sold once. If they have to sell another to the same customer they want it to be for a good reason. Of all of the things that come and go in life, memories are with us forever. Visit for more.

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